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Cisco pays cool $2.3 billion for hot security company Duo

Cisco today laid out $2.35 billion in cash and stock for network- identity, authentication and security company Duo.

According to Cisco, Duo helps protect organizations against cyber breaches through the company’s cloud-based software that verifies the identity of users and the health of their devices before granting access to applications with the idea of preventing breaches and account takeover. Read more…

World Cup a haven for cyber criminals, Israeli cyber security firm warns

The 2018 FIFA World Cup isn’t just a haven for soccer fans – according to Israeli cyber security firm CyberInt, it’s a haven for cyber criminals too.

According to CyberInt, what the company calls the World Cup’s “cyber environment” – which includes nearly 800 domains using FIFA-related terms – includes 76 unofficial streaming video sites, 32 unofficial merchandise sites, 12 suspended hosting accounts, 11 gambling sites, and nine “suspicious” sites. Read more…

BMO, CIBC victims of cyber breach, attackers demand $1 million from each in cryptocurrency


Canadian banks rarely acknowledge they’ve been involved in a cyber security incident. On Monday two of the country’s biggest retail banks reportedly suffered a data breach and are notifying customers.
The Bank of Montreal and CIBC’s Simplii Financial online bank said they are investigating apparent breaches of customer information, each apparently involving tens of thousands of customers.

Late Monday the CBC said several news services had received an email apparently from the hackers, who said they were demanding $1 million in cryptocurrency or customer names and information would be publicly released. Read more…

How enterprise IT investment is being driven by C-level strategy


In the evolving global networked economy, every type of company essentially becomes a technology-oriented firm – in one form or another. That’s fueling the strategic investment in IT infrastructure and services. Currency market changes are another key factor.

As a result, worldwide IT spending is projected to total $3.7 trillion in 2018 — that’s an increase of 6.2 percent from 2017, according to the latest market study by Gartner. Senior executives and line of business leaders continue to drive many of the strategic IT procurement decisions. Read more…

The 17 biggest data breaches of the 21st century


Data breaches happen daily, in too many places at once to keep count. But what constitutes a huge breach versus a small one? CSO compiled a list of 17 of the biggest or most significant breaches of the 21st century.

This list is based not necessarily on the number of records compromised, but on how much risk or damage the breach caused for companies, insurers and users or account holders. In some cases, passwords and other information were well protected by encryption, so a password reset eliminated the bulk of the risk. Read more…

3CX are well-known global unified communications vendor


The idea encompassed by the creators of 3CX was not only to replace the proprietary phone systems that businesses no longer considered to be effective or efficient, but to deliver a completely unified communication solution as an open-standards software IP PBX.

3CX Phone System is an IP business system that supports both soft/hard SIP phones, traditional PSTN phone lines, and VoIP services. It can be integrated with other applications such as Sage ACT, Google Contact, and Salesforce to allow for a more comprehensive solution to collaboration. What’s more, by utilising the SIP standard, 3CX and its technology partners like Yealink and Snom have produced a future-proof Unified Communications system. Read more…

Management, investors and award-winning products remain as company re-organizes to support growth


GFI Software today announced a corporate restructure as it evolves to support rapid growth across its portfolio. LogicNow, which includes GFI MAX, IASO cloud back-up and other cloud-based products, will focus on SaaS technologies under a subscription model. GFI will focus on private cloud solutions delivered to IT administrators in end-user organizations. While the companies will run as separate entities, the management teams of each business and investors that have driven the company’s success to date remain unchanged. Read more…