IP ConnectX provides both online and local backup in a single integrated package. You will be able to backup any data, from any destination, at any time. As such, you can perform a weekly backup of your entire computer to an external USB drive, back up your “My Documents” library to a network server nightly, or back up any file or document to the internet on a continuous basis – regardless of how many times or changes have occurred in the document or file. What makes our solution unique is the continuous data protection and support of all essential files.

Named by us LiveProtect, the system monitors all activity on selected files, detects any modifications or changes, and automatically backs data up to our Canadian Data Centers or cloud. LiveProtect also ensures that only authorized users have access to your information.

In addition, we provide Universal Backup features that do not utilize system resources, except during backups and restores. Universal Backup offers file and folder sharing; including the option of sharing the files with persons who do not have your company’s or partner accounts. Universal Backup is inherently designed for use on multiple computers (although the system can limit backups to one or any specified number of computers of your choice). You can back up data from Machine A and immediately recover it on Machine B and C. Users can expect backup systems to allow restores on any configured computer, and can back up files from their desktops and notebooks to one centralized backup account.

We also retain every version of every backed-up file, no matter how many revisions or modifications are made. End users can access any previously saved versions from any device, at any time. The system also retains any files that a customer accidentally deletes off the client system. Universal Backup supports “archiving”, to ensure that no files are accidentally deleted and recovery is always available. It is safe, easy, and it is what you need for your business!