IP Telephony

When talking about telephony, proprietary PBX hardware can be quite costly, restrictive in licensing, have outrageous maintenance fees, and costly PSTN phone lines that can take weeks to be installed. This is the model of older generation phone systems, which do not readily support new telephony features that improve productivity, but rather add complexity and cost.

At IP ConnectX we provide partially or fully managed Voice over IP phone systems (VoIP). Our services are based on cutting-edge technologies, running on our proven, reliable physical hardware infrastructure or virtually. We design, implement, and fully support our VoIP solutions, which are customized to your business needs. These solutions improve users and business productivity, provide flexibility, and dramatically reduce operating costs.

We use a software-based PBX that runs on standard operating systems, works with standard IP Phones, SIP trunks, and SIP providers, to provide a fully featured easy to use PBX solution.

With standard features that can support and integrate CRM, voice, video, data and call-center solutions, we are able to provide our clients a choice of solutions such as:

Hosted or on-premise telephony systems
Call center design and implementation
Call flow designs
Outbound dialers and callers
SIP trunks and SIP lines
Online conference lines and meetings
Business telephony business continuity, disaster recovery and fail-over capabilities

Our phone systems have smartphone clients, as well as clients for Mac or Windows workstations or laptops that connect to use their office extension from virtually anywhere. All calls are charged to the office, while you can receive and make calls to your office number and extension while you are away.

Full integration with CRM systems, monitoring of inbound missed or unanswered calls, identifying the caller before picking up or calling out. We provide all these and other multiple key features unique to our solutions, and leverage your existing virtual hardware, wiring, and cabling.