Corporate networks these days need to be consistent, secure, reliable, and fast, so your connection to the world is there when you need it. A goal which costs many men hours to achieve. At IP ConnectX we have created a standard build, that has been proven to work, and it does not fail or disappoint us or our clients. As we find something new to better the network, we will offer it to our clients.

We do the design and maintenance, working at the back end to make it flowless and allow you to continue driving your business.

Our network services include:
Wireless networks assessments
Corporate networks assessments
Multi-WAN network assessments (MPLS, VRF, P2P VPN)
Network utilization reports
Routing and WAN optimization services for multi-branch and remote offices
Internet, Intranet and off-net connectivity services
Remote access and connectivity
Network availability and high availability services
Global, and local Load balancing services