Working closely with you and your team, IP ConnectX will assess your current system, document all your network security needs and organizational demands, and will develop a security blueprint to support your business strategy. All this based on best practices and world standards. Our team of experts will then design and implement the appropriate encryption, data security, firewalls, VPN (Virtual Private Network), B2B connections, mail and spam filters, intrusion detection and prevention, and end-point protection and access solutions.

All configured devices are highly secured. Chosen devices can be configured with passwords, protected from specific and unwanted applications, and all data is encrypted and protected. IP ConnectX will also implement specific corporate security policies, such as limiting email access to company accounts only, restricting access to certain websites (web filtering), performing regular periodic device audits to ensure compliancy, updates and security policies are up to date.

While some executives keep security in mind, and most companies have information security practices in place, many organizations don’t have the resources or the required expertise to properly protect their company data, leading them to a potential loss of business revenue in case of a break-in and a law-suit.

In Canada, users’ privacy is taken very seriously, whether you are protecting your business from online threats and standard vulnerabilities, or educating your users. As such, data security and integrity are a key component of any ongoing business strategy, and should be prioritized accordingly..

At IP ConnectX we understand security needs and know how to implement them. Being around cutting-edge technology and staying up to date with security practices is what makes us unique and stand out. We use our knowledge to implement the appropriate solutions to protect your business data.

Our fully managed IT services include security management that will let you identify, analyze and respond to security events on virtually all your network components and user devices, during or outside business hours. We help protect your data, your users, and their identity, and access credentials with the most recent security tools and services to monitor and manage activity on your network.